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Grades 9 Ė 12
74 Halsted Street
East Orange, New Jersey 07018
Tel. #:973-266-5640/5645
Fax #: 972-266-2890

Stephen Webb, M.Div., M.Ed.
Administrator Alternative/Community Ed. Programs


The Fresh Start High Academy program is committed to the idea that all students take responsibility of their learning.† It is intended to create and sustain a learning environment which is safe, least disruptive and culturally sensitive to our student population, which will enable our students to modify their behavior patterns and improve academic achievement by getting good grades enabling them to return to the regular setting, graduate, and preparing them to meet the challenges of post secondary education, work and life.


The vision of Fresh Start High is to prepare all its students to excel academically in a stimulating,
caring, and secure environment.

Program Description

This program provides for studentsí particular needs, through individualized, whole class, and group instruction.† Technology is incorporated across content areas.† Discipline is enforced in a positive manner.† Individual and group counseling, and other referral services are available. †The program also develops and enhances studentsí knowledge of their values, interests, and aspirations by offering viable and suitable educational options.


  • To provide students an academic setting with an educational program designed to meet their needs with the ultimate educational experience of completing their Individual Program Plans (IPPs).
  • To provide instruction, advice and support services to assist in developing responsible patterns of behavior, including increased and sustained productivity and positive social interaction.
  • To offer guidance with respect to educational plans, careers, and personal goals and concerns; and to develop studentsí skills in resolving conflicts
  • To increase studentsí understanding of and adherence to fundamental codes of conduct and compliance with school disciplinary policies and procedures in order to achieve a school climate that is conducive to learning and which supports the safety and well-being of all students.
  • To develop studentsí self-knowledge, self-empowerment, and self-determination

Admission Procedures†

Students are referred to the Fresh Start Program by the East Orange School District Division of Operations, Compliance & Educational Support Services.† These students are mainly from the middle schools, Stem Academy, East Orange Campus High, and some out of state students coming to reside in East Orange.† These students generally have patterns of behavior such as chronic disruptive problems, truancy, excessive absenteeism, age appropriate students, academic failure, and are at risk of dropping out.† Despite intervention strategies these students did not show change in behavior modification or academic achievement in their previous school.


To create and execute strategic purposeful plans within the Fresh Start that will enhance positive student behavior and academic achievement.

To establish a cohesive well run organization as a Professional Learning Community involving all stake-holders students, teachers, parents, community, and district and program administration.

School colors

School Colors:† Grey, and white


Choice of† grey, or white shirt; COLLARED SHIRTS ONLY, NO PRINTS

Khaki pants††††††††††††††††

Open House:Tuesday, October 06, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

"Every Student Can and Will Learn"