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School Administrator

Dear Parents and Students,

On behalf of the staff and administrator of the Fresh Start Academy High School, I would like to welcome students and their parents to the new school year.† Education at Fresh Start Academy High School is designed to meet the needs of each individual student, but ultimately each individual will gain from school what they put into it.† To increase the degree of educational success, it is imperative that teachers, parents and administrators communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of students.

The school makes special efforts to create and promote a good relationship between the home and school.† Newsletters, regular conferences and direct contact will parents are part of these efforts.† Parents are encouraged to initiate their own contacts whenever necessary. You are also asked earnestly to participate in all parent workshops sponsored by the support services staff.

Letís work together.† Our school can build a proud tradition of academic excellence with your help.† Iím sure the 2016-2017 year will be one of the best your child will experience.

Educationally yours,

Stephen Webb, Building Administrator

Fresh Start Academy High School

Fresh Start Academy High School is committed to serving the needs of students who have experienced academic and interpersonal difficulty in the school setting because of significant social, emotional and behavioral problems. Our school is designed to assist students in addressing and resolving problems that interfere with academic success while promoting inner-personal growth and self-awareness. We strive to maintain a safe and†structured environment where students may learn more effective and productive techniques for resolving problems. We believe that all childrencan†and will learn; and that quality education involves a dedicated partnership between the school, the home,†and the community.† We practice and promote collaboration and teamwork in identifying and addressing the needs of our students in order that they may reach their highest potential.

The staff at Fresh Start Academy High School understands that providing a school environment that is safe and nurturing, with consistent, clear, well-defined rules, expectations, boundaries and consequences our studentsí behavior can and will be modified to a more socially--desirable way of behaving.† Our behavior management program is a strength-based approach designed to empower students to make healthy choices and assume increasing responsibility for their behavior.
Our behavior modification system is non-punitive and utilizes positive behavioral reinforcement techniques and concentrates on identifying student strengths as a means of building upon their positive attributes, qualities and characteristics, which ultimately decreases inappropriate, disruptive, violent and aggressive behaviors.†

The goals and philosophies of Fresh Start Academy High School have been developed through extensive research in behavior modification, careful consideration of each student's Individualized Program Plan (IPP), the School's Mission Statement and the District's Strategic Plan. The staff of Fresh Start High School†believes that every child has the ability to learn and students are learning every day. We have created a consistent, structured and safe environment conducive to learning where our students will improve their academic skills, modify their behavior, gain valuable interpersonal skills, and become capable of participating in mainstream education once again. We firmly believe that education must be a partnership between home, school, and the community. As such, we have established several outreach programs with community agencies to assist students and their families with medical, social and health-related concerns. We will continue to openly communicate and collaborate with all constituents in our efforts to meet the needs of our students.
In order to achieve academic success students are exposed to active and interactive teaching tools that encourage discovery, experimental learning, artistic expression and computer technology. A variety of services beyond classroom instruction are also provided. Counseling services offer individual and group sessions as per the student's Individualized Program Plan (IPP). Utilizing our Behavior Modification Program, our Support Team is designed to assist classroom teachers with behavior management strategies and crisis intervention services when needed. Integrated and entwined within every component, Character Education provides opportunities for building character and values clarification inclusive of problem solving and conflict-resolution skills. These services supplement the classroom curriculum with activities that are collaborative, interactive and technology based.†††

In summary, Fresh Start Academy High School is unique in many ways. We have built a strong academic and character building plan in order to provide students with a rigorous educational program that will better ensure their success. Our long-term goal is for students to take responsibility for and gain control of their behaviors in order that they may become lifelong learners and contributors to their community.